I work with Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners to gain their freedom, so that they can concentrate on their zone of expertise and at best, their revenue generating goals!


My name is Deasha! I am a Certified Administrative Professional and have been in the administrative field for about 8 years. I have worked in various capacities such as Employee & Labor Relations, Law, Medical, Education and Mental Health. I also have 10 years’ experience as a Customer Service Agent, so I'm VERY big on Customer Service and Appreciation!! Also, I am pursuing my B.S in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. The Admin Queen was birth from an event called Hustle Her Way, this is an event that gathers women entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and ages and also different cities. It was what helped me come up with and birth The Administrative Queen (The Admin Queen). It helped me to realize my purpose and my passion in life. I love helping Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses succeed in their business!

When I first started, I knew that I wanted to be somewhere in the space of assisting business owners with their task list so that they can fulfill their purpose and calling. As I was building my business around that and taking on the Virtual Assistant/Admin Assistant/Support title, I started thinking a little harder on what it was that I was trying to accomplish within myself and my God given abilities!! So, I decided not to limit myself anymore. That helped me with my decision to add OBM to my title. An OBM (Online Business Manager) or Administrative Consultant (if you want to be fancy lol). What does an Online Business Manager/Administrative Consultant do, you ask? Well, to sum it up in a few words, we basically run your daily operations and take care of delegating things to your team so that you can focus entirely what you need to do scale your business and gain more clients. See below video for visualization chart.