OBM Service Suite

Welcome to The Admin Queen’s OMB Service Suite! Here, you will find a broad overview on the services that are included when bringing me onboard, that will help you manage your team as well as your business processes, so that you can get back to your clients and your revenue generating goals!

Operations Management

`Project Management

This includes:

  • Setting up billing systems

  • Setting up communication systems

  • Setting up workflow systems

  • Setting up client management systems, etc.

This includes:

  • Managing launches

  • Setting up new online programs

  • Setting up membership portals

  • Establishing a website from start to finish, etc.

Metrics Management

People Management

This includes:

  • Managing, outsourcing & tracking the day to day tasks of task of your team.

  • Keeping detailed progress reports on all team members

  • Reporting any problem areas and monitoring for opportunities of improvement within the team and the company itself, etc

This includes:

  • Setting up & maintaining a tracking system so that I can track your stats so you know what's working in your business and what's not

  • Detailed recommendations on next steps, etc