Service Suite

Welcome to The Admin Queen’s VA Service Suite! Here, you will find details on the solution driven services I offer, that will help you gain more time in your business to focus on what’s important.


Leave all that tedious data entry to me! I take pride in accurate and error free data management. I can also create letters, contract templates, questionnaires, random documents that might come up from time to time or on an everyday basis. 


Did you know that the average person spends around 4.1 hours a day checking their emails? That is roughly about 28.7 a week, 114.8 hours a month, and 1,377.6 hours a year! You could be spending that valuable time on other revenue generating tasks in your business. I have over 8 years of experience with managing inboxes. This service will not only make your day a little easier but it will also give you the time you need to enjoy your freedom of having your own business.


Calendar management includes planning, scheduling and organizing. I have managed large scale calendars as well aided in the planning of complex meetings and events. Never double book yourself again with this service!

Traveling Administrative Assistance


Do you find yourself traveling out of town for important business meetings and always needing someone to assist you? Well, I offer both local and non-local traveling admin services. This includes taking meeting minutes, personal shopping, running errands, even attending meetings on your behalf. If you are a speaker, this would be an excellent service for you!


With invoice management, I can assist with accounts receivable and payable. I’ll ensure all of your requests for payments are distributed on time and that your receipts are organized.


This service insures that you have error free documents and communications! I not only look for typo’s but ensure to check grammar and punctuation as well. How's that for PERFECTION?

Template Creation

Are you looking for a template and just can't get it right? I create templates from scratch. Anything you can think of besides legal documentation, I can create it! Never get frustrated again!

Special Projects

These are projects you just don't have the time in the day to complete. I love special projects and I am very efficient, I can take an idea and expand on it and help its full potential be seen and manifested.



Have you ever needed personal assistance? Things like having your dry cleaning picked up, picking up groceries, running errands here and there before a meeting, making phone calls and making appointments. Don’t worry any longer, I can take care of that!!



Did you recently record a podcast or video that you would converted into a written document? I’m happy to accurately transcribe your audio or video without error!

HR Tasks & Projects

As an Administrative Professional, I have done many things by way of HR. I have done grievances, payroll, recruitment and hiring, expense reports, assisted a Labor Relations director, setting up training's criminal background checks, checking clearances and transcripts and more.


I will ensure that your files, whether paper or digital are organized well for ease of reference. A huge time waster for many entrepreneurs is attempting to locate important historical documents. Let me take the stress away.


I can help create online presence, drive sales and increase brand recognition! I can assist with the building and launching of any social media profile.

Event Coordination


Hosting a business event soon? Are you in need of assistance and not sure where to turn? Well search no further!! I have successfully planned seven events in the past seven years! It could be anything from the smallest 20 person event to the biggest 500 person networking event!! I pride myself on making you look good while giving you the best possible experience!!!